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The Todd And Don Show - KLBJ-AM - Austin, TX

Texas Democrats fleeing to D.C.

The irony of the Democrats’ walkout is that they are suppressing the voices of their constituents. They cry “voter suppression” but what they are doing is the epitome of voter suppression. They are depriving voters of representation.

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Allen West’s final days as state GOP chair filled with intraparty drama

Outgoing Texas GOP Chairman and gubernatorial candidate Allen West is a dangerous and embarrassing liability to the Republican Party. His tirade against GOP Vice Chair Cat Parks, along with his previous attacks against some of the strongest conservative leaders in this state, are counter to the values and principles of the GOP. I encourage you to read Allen West’s misogynistic and disrespectful verbal assault against Mrs. Parks for a firsthand look at the playbook of those who plague the Republican Party.

Speaker Bonnen on KFYO FM

Discussing the 2020 Election and RPT Chmn West

In a conversation with Chad Hasty of Lubbock’s KFYO radio, Speaker Dennis Bonnen had some strong words for RPT Chairman Allen West in response to his attack on presumptive House Speaker Dade Phelan.