KOKE In The Morning | KOKE FM - Dennis Bonnen Recording
KOKE In The Morning | KOKE FM - Dennis Bonnen Recording

COVID-19 Reopening Texas

COVID-19 AS TEXAS REOPENS: Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen joined the legendary Bob Cole with KOKE FM Austin to discuss Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to gradually and cautiously reopen Texas businesses.

It’s always a pleasure getting to speak with Bob Cole of Austin’s KOKE-FM radio. I appreciated the chance to update listeners on the state’s effort to reopen the Texas economy, along with the importance of adhering to CDC guidelines when deciding to visit or reopen a business.

State leaders are working diligently to manage the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring Texas’ small business owners have the tools and guidance they need to reopen their doors in a safe, effective, and timely manner.

Dennis Bonnen Recording

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He says not a single decision is being made without medical experts telling state leaders that it is safe and that it works. He also examines how economic despair can result in a broader crisis of domestic violence, drug overdoses, suicides, and the like, which can be just as tragic and taxing on society and our healthcare system as coronavirus.

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