Bonnen Puts Mask-Wearing In Context
Todd Jeffries and Don Pryor on Austin's KLBJ 590 AM

Bonnen Puts Mask-Wearing In Context

As small businesses across the state work overtime to restart their business, Speaker Dennis Bonnen has called upon big box stores to set the standard (as HEB has) on customer safety.

In this conversation with Todd Jeffries and Don Pryor on Austin’s KLBJ 590 AM, Bonnen also puts mask-wearing in context (“we’re not asking a generation to fight in Viet Nam, we’re asking them to wear a mask”) and reminds listeners that mask-wearing is primarily to keep the wearer from spreading the virus, with the secondary benefit of protecting the wearer.

Our generation and younger have never had a real literal war so we don’t know what self-sacrifice is. We’re not asking kids to graduate HS and go to Vietnam. We’re asking you to wear a mask. It’s a minor inconvenience.

Speaker Dennis Bonnen

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