A Domestic War

A Domestic War

The game is up and it’s time to expose the charade. It is time to speak directly and act swiftly to stop the disgusting violence and destruction that is sweeping across this country. It is time to wake up and call it what it is – an attack against the United States of America.

A domestic war incited by opportunistic terrorists that hate America and everything we stand for – terrorists who aim to create instability, civil unrest, and upheaval from coast to coast. Antifa, white supremacists, Red Guard, anarchists – the list goes on and on.

All hate groups from the most extreme ends of the spectrum that have hijacked a desperately-needed conversation and call-to-action about systemic racism. These radicals have undermined the messages of equality, hope, compassion, and understanding that peaceful protestors and activists are trying to convey. 

I was most saddened when the grounds of our Texas Capitol were forced to close this weekend in the interest of public safety after rioters inflicted destruction and violence against the building and those responsible for protecting the safety of peaceful protestors. She has always stood as a symbol of freedom and democracy and has provided a platform for so many demonstrations throughout generations.

These incendiaries are stealing the voices — and trampling on the First Amendment rights — of those, we MUST hear and heed. America is at a tipping point and we have a tremendous opportunity before us to move the needle in a positive direction of definitive, impactful progress.

It is our responsibility as Americans to condemn those who threaten this opportunity for their own selfish and destructive interests.

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