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Dennis Bonnen graduated from Angleton High School in 1990.

In Angleton, Dennis Bonnen is not a celebrity, but a friend

When people in Angleton think of Dennis Bonnen, they don’t call to mind a powerful leader directing the paths of laws that affect millions of Texans. They think of the neighbor who played backyard whiffle ball, the fifth-grader who petitioned to rename the class hamster, the son whose family reputation preceded him.

Dennis Bonnen is an excellent choice to succeed Texas House Speaker Joe Straus

Bonnen is a conservative; there’s no question about that. But, as noted, he has no sympathy for fools. He also has no need to worry about being unseated in the primary or general election. The 25th district, which runs from Brazoria County to the coast, is deeply red. But Bonnen has represented it since 1996 and voters are clearly fond of him.