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Peaceful Protest

Stand Together

The minority community has America’s full attention and now is the time to join together at the table to identify what continues to drive and promote racism, ways the system is broken, and how to bring about meaningful, lasting change.

A Domestic War

A Domestic War

The game is up and it’s time to expose the charade. It is time to speak directly and act swiftly to stop the disgusting violence and destruction that is sweeping across this country. It is time to wake up and call it what it is – an attack against the United States of America.

Get Texans Back To Work

Get Texans Back To Work

I had the chance to discuss our state’s ongoing efforts to get Texans back to work while following medically-approved best practices including hand washing, sanitizing, social distancing and mask-wearing.

Mail-in ballot in Texas?

Mail-In Ballots in Texas?

In a radio interview this morning, the host asked me about the recent ruling by a federal judge to allow mail-in ballots across the board in the upcoming election.

KRLD News Radio 1080 Dennis Bonnen Recording

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen: Reopen Texas

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen is a member of the Governor’s COVID Task Force. He says it’s important for businesses to show that they’re following the guidelines for social distancing, to make sure that their customers feel safe.